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Civil Action Settlement $2.2 Million

Slip and Fall on Ice $550,000

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Jeffrey Scott Lasswell

Jeffrey Scott Lasswell

My focus: personal injury cases.

I am attorney Jeffrey Scott Lasswell. For 18 years, I have helped injury victims in Southern Colorado. I handle plaintiffs’ personal injury cases, such as slip and fall accidents and car crashes. My focus on civil litigation and personal injury works to my clients’ advantage, as there is a lot to know and a lot of subtleties in the law. Take slip and fall accidents, for example. There are different categories of how victims are classified when it comes to being hurt on someone else’s property. I know what facts are important and how to prove what is needed to be successful with your case.

I know the tricks insurance companies use.

Today, personal injury is all I do, but I used to practice for “the bad guys” – the insurance companies. I did not like that, so I opened my own shop. As a former insurance defense attorney, I have insider knowledge about how insurance companies handle their claims. I have been in the enemy’s camp, and I know what their pressures are. I know the tricks they use to minimize payments or deny them altogether. I know what conversations are going on, and I know the strengths and weaknesses of the case from their perspective. Knowing all that, I am able to tailor my demand to achieve the maximum outcome for my clients.

I will prove your case.

There are a ton of different types of personal injury cases out there, and it is impossible to keep up with everything unless you focus on it. For example, suppose someone went down defective steps at a rental property and fell, breaking a leg. The law would classify the victim as a “licensee.” That means that person would have to show that the landlord had actual knowledge that the steps were dangerous. Through my experience, I have learned what facts are needed to prove each personal injury claim. For example, investigating if there have been building code violations.

I am always here for YOU.

Some of my clients went to the bigger firms first. When they came to my office, they said, “I could never get a lawyer to call me back. I could not even get an assistant to call me back.” That does not happen here. I answer all my phone calls. I am always here for you.

Before a client comes into my office, I usually have background information on the case. I believe in one-on-one communication with my clients. We will sit down for 45 minutes or so and go over everything, and I will answer any questions the client has.

When clients leave my office, I want them to feel relieved and confident that they have an attorney working for them who knows what he is doing. I want them to know I will keep them informed. Clients get a copy of everything that goes in or out of the office. They can call every day, if they want, to find out what is going on with their case.

I get ready from Day 1.

I start every case assuming it is going to trial. I categorize and organize facts so that they can be used in court. If in a deposition or a mediation the defense lawyer says, “Well your client said this,” I can show them that I am ready to present my client’s case before a judge and a jury. The best way to get cases settled is by demonstrating how compelling the facts are.

I fight for the maximum result.

The most satisfying aspect of being a personal injury lawyer is helping clients and getting them the maximum result. I deal directly with my clients, and as I get to know them, I want to help them even more. My goal is to let them get on with their life, knowing that I have reached the very best result for them. I fight fiercely for the full compensation my clients deserve. If I cannot obtain a full and fair settlement, I will take the claim to court.

My promise to you: No fee upfront.

Here is my promise to you. I will evaluate your case for free. If I handle your claim, you will pay no fees upfront. I am paid only as a percentage of what I win for you.

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More About Me

I am from Colorado Springs and have been practicing here since 2001. I received my undergraduate degree, summa cum laude, from the University of Colorado, with a double major in Economics and Philosophy. While at that university, I was the recipient of the highly competitive Colorado Student Academic Scholarship and chair of the Economics Club.

I received my law degree from the University of Missouri at Columbia then returned to Colorado Springs. I practiced with three firms, including an insurance defense firm, before opening my solo practice in 2006.

I served four years in the United States Coast Guard from 1992 to 1996 and earned an Honorable Discharge.

My memberships in legal organizations include the El Paso County Bar Association, the American Bar Association, and the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association.

Among my volunteer activities, I have served as a literacy tutor at Cedar Ridge Elementary School and as a tutor for disabled UCCS students in English, math, and economics. I have also volunteered at the Red Cross Homeless Shelter, the Knights of Columbus, and Saint Francis of Assisi Catholic Church.