If you were recently injured in an accident, an experienced Colorado Springs personal injury lawyer can help investigate your claim, gather evidence, and negotiate a fair settlement. Here are the top things to look for when hiring a personal injury lawyer in Colorado Springs: 


You want to feel comfortable that the attorney you hire has experience in dealing with personal injury claims, and slip and fall cases in particular. There is no substitute for real experience.

During your free consultation, you can ask about your prospective lawyer’s experience. I would be happy to discuss my 18 years of legal experience with you, including how I have developed unique insight into insurance claims and have used it to the advantage of my clients. 


It is also important to hire a lawyer who focuses their practice on the type of case you need help with. Each type of case has its own unique features. Hire an attorney who understands the ins and outs of this particular area of law and your case. For example, if you fell on the ice, you might want to hire a slip and fall attorney in Colorado Springs rather than a general practice lawyer. 

Training and Education 

During your free consultation, also ask about the attorney’s qualifications. Ask about their background, training, and education. You can ask about where they went to school and how they stay up to date on the latest developments in personal injury law. 

Local Presence

You’ll also want to look for an attorney in Colorado Springs. An attorney who lives and works in Colorado Springs will be familiar with other attorneys, judges, and insurance adjusters. The same may not be true if you hire a big national firm or even one in Denver. I treat everyone I encounter with dignity and respect, and I command the same in return. 

Good Reviews

Today, it’s easier than ever to see what type of experience you might have with a lawyer before ever hiring them. Look for a lawyer who has satisfied past clients time and time again. 

Clear Fee Structure

You shouldn’t have to worry about surprise expenses and fees when you’re just trying to recover from an injury caused by another person’s negligence. During your free consultation, we can discuss our contingency fee in clear language. We want you to be satisfied with our services, from start to finish.


It’s important to know how the other side thinks and approaches a claim. I’ve worked for the insurance companies before. I know how they view claims and what type of evidence will motivate them to settle them for a fair figure. 

Track Record of Success

You’ll also want to look for a lawyer who is a strong negotiator but who is also not afraid to go to trial, if necessary. I have a solid track record of success and have recovered millions of dollars for my clients. 

One-on-One Attention

Not all Colorado Springs personal injury lawyers will primarily work on their clients’ cases. Some might pass smaller-dollar cases off to less experienced associates or legal staff. At Jeffrey Scott Lasswell, PC, you meet with me, Jeffrey Scott Lasswell. I will provide you with the one-on-one attention that is often lacking from bigger firms. 

Personal Connection

Ultimately, it comes down to your gut. Imagine what it would be like working with the personal injury lawyer for the next few months. Do you get the sense that they care about you? Or are they just trying to settle your claim as quickly as possible? Is your attorney honest with you, or do they set unrealistic expectations? You’ll get a better sense of the personal connection (or lack thereof) after talking to them during a free case review.

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