Falls are a leading cause of severe injury and death throughout the U.S., and Colorado is no exception. These dangerous accidents hurt tens of thousands of people across the state each year. In one recent year, over 1,000 people died due to injuries they sustained from falls in Colorado. Many of these falls are preventable. With awareness and effort, we can prevent others from being hurt.

That’s why the National Council on Aging (NCOA) promotes Falls Prevention Awareness Week. It’s a week of education and training focused on preventing falls, especially for older adults. The NCOA runs fall awareness programs each year in the fall and makes important information available year-round.

Reducing Fall Down Injuries

Many severe fall injuries could have been prevented if someone else had been more responsible. These simple steps can drastically decrease the number of slip and fall accidents:

  • Train workers on how to spot and remedy hazards
  • Routinely check for hazards
  • Put up signs warning customers of hazards
  • Install and maintain proper lighting

Premises Liability and Slip and Fall Injuries

Those who run businesses or manage buildings and other property are legally required to maintain their property in a safe condition to prevent injuries to visitors. They should provide adequate lighting, clear snow and ice from steps, and otherwise ensure that their facilities are safe for guests and visitors at all times.

Under Colorado premises liability law, those in charge of property must take reasonable care to protect the safety of guests and invitees. That means they need to ensure that dangerous conditions that could cause you to slip or trip and fall don’t exist. If they don’t take the steps they should, they could be liable for any injuries you suffer.

Fall Accidents Compensation

If you fall and injure yourself due to someone else’s negligence, you might be entitled to seek compensation for:

  • The costs of any medical treatment you need, now and in the future
  • Lost wages and income caused by your injuries
  • Damage that the injuries do to your earning potential
  • Repair and replacement costs for your clothing and personal items
  • Pain and suffering you experience because of the accident
  • Emotional distress you go through due to falling injuries

Depending on your injuries, you may be able to seek these and other types of compensation. To learn more about compensation options, it’s recommended you speak with an experienced Colorado slip and fall attorney.

Contact a Colorado Fall Injury Lawyer

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