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How Much Is Your Slip and Fall Case Worth?

One of the most common questions I get is, “How much is my slip and fall case worth?” The truth is there is no magic formula that can be applied to every case. That’s because every slip and fall case is unique and should be treated that way by your attorney and also by insurers. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case, and that is how some victims get short-changed when it comes to getting the full and fair value of their claim.

I am Colorado Springs attorney Jeffrey Scott Lasswell, and I have 20 years of experience tackling cases just like yours. Premises liability and slip and fall cases can be complicated. You may be unaware of how much your claim is really worth, and insurers may try to take advantage of that fact.

If you want an honest evaluation of your Colorado Springs slip and fall case, contact me today. We can talk about what a full and fair settlement looks like.

How Are Slip and Fall Cases Valued in Colorado Springs?

No two slip and fall cases are alike. This means that each accident has its own set of particular circumstances, which may impact how the case itself is valued. These factors may include the amount of fault each party bears for causing the accident, the total medical costs associated with the accident, and insurance policy limitations. All of these factors can impact an insurance adjuster’s or court’s determination of the compensation a victim deserves for a slip and fall accident.

Additionally, the value of your claim can also depend on the defendant’s willingness to settle the case. If they don’t want to drag the case on or are worried about a surprise outcome, they may be willing to offer more now in order to resolve the case.

Your attorney will work to gather evidence to prove fault and support your right to full compensation. I can discuss the possible value of your claim after reviewing the evidence in your case.

Calculations Required to Determine Case Worth 

To determine the value of your case, you will first need to do some calculations. Start with determining your economic damages. These are the losses that you suffered that are directly tied to a certain dollar amount. Some examples might include:

  • Medical expenses you have already incurred
  • Medical expenses you will likely be billed in the future
  • Personal property that was broken when you slipped and fell
  • Lost wages during your recovery period
  • Cost of travel to and from medical and physical therapy appointments
  • Lost earning capacity if the accident permanently disabled you

Next, you will need to calculate your non-economic damages. These are losses that are not directly tied to a monetary amount. Non-economic damages may include the value for your:

  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Emotional distress
  • Scarring or disfigurement

Monetary values assigned to these types of damages tend to be subjective. They also correlate to the severity of your injuries, so the more severe your injury, the higher you can expect your pain and suffering compensation to be.

A skilled slip and fall attorney in Colorado Springs will know how to negotiate aggressively on your behalf to support your case for maximum compensation.

How to Maximize Your Case Value

One of the most important ways you can potentially maximize the value of your slip and fall case is to hire an experienced slip and fall lawyer. Keep in mind that landlords, retail stores, and property owners all tend to be for-profit entities. In the same respect, insurers are also for-profit entities. That means these entities are looking out for their money and are not typically concerned about your well-being or how much of a financial strain an accident has put you under. Having a lawyer on your side can help you level the playing field and ensure your rights are properly protected.

An attorney can also help maximize your case value by conducting a thorough investigation into the cause of the accident. Some of the evidence your attorney may gather to support your case includes:

  • Medical records
  • Copy of the accident report
  • Photos or video footage of the accident scene
  • Testimony from eyewitnesses
  • Testimony from expert witnesses, such as medical experts
  • Copies of the property’s inspection and maintenance records

The best way to ensure that you are being dealt with fairly and reasonably is to have an attorney backing you up and fighting to protect your rights. You can help your attorney by seeking emergency and consistent medical care, following your doctors’ orders, and staying off of social media while your case is pending.

How a Colorado Springs Slip and Fall Attorney Can Help You 

How Much Is Your Slip and Fall Case Worth?

A Colorado Springs slip and fall lawyer is a powerful resource and ally when it comes to helping you get the full and fair compensation you deserve after a serious slip and fall accident. A skilled attorney can help you by:

  • Helping you understand your legal options and answering all your questions
  • Investigating your accident to gather crucial evidence
  • Ensuring your claim is filed properly and on time
  • Negotiating aggressively with insurers for a fair settlement
  • Preparing your case for trial, in case going to court is necessary to advocate for your rights

Premises liability cases in Colorado can be complicated. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to get property owners to take responsibilities for their mistakes and pay for the damage that they caused. That’s where I come in. I have worked for the insurance companies before, and I know how they operate. I also know the type of evidence you will need to support your claim and obtain fair compensation for your injuries. Contact me, attorney Jeffrey Scott Lasswell, today, and let’s talk about how I can help you seek the compensation you deserve.