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Traffic Collisions

According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, about 650 traffic fatalities occur each year throughout the state. Colorado is an at-fault car accident state, meaning that the party whose negligence is responsible for the accident is responsible for compensating the victim for the damages they sustained. Unfortunately, insurance companies will often try to deny or devalue your claim if you don’t fight for what you rightfully deserve. 

I, Jeffrey Scott Lasswell, am a Colorado Springs traffic collision attorney. I represent clients in all kinds of traffic collisions and invite you to learn more about my practice. 

Types of Traffic Collisions 

There are a variety of traffic collisions that can result in an insurance claim or eventual personal injury lawsuit. The most common types of traffic collision cases I deal with are:

Car Accidents 

Car accidents are the most common type of motor vehicle collision in Colorado Springs. Learn more about the most common causes of car accidents, various types of car accidents, what to do after a car accident, the time limit for filing a car accident lawsuit, and how a car accident lawyer can help you.

Truck Accidents 

Truck accidents may involve multiple parties and regulations that apply to commercial vehicles. Learn more about who can be held liable for truck accidents, the most common causes of truck accidents, how to gather evidence in a truck accident claim, and how a Colorado Springs truck accident lawyer can help.

Motorcycle Accidents 

Due to the lack of external protection on motorcycles, motorcyclists who get in a crash often suffer severe injuries. Learn more about the most common injuries in motorcycle accidents, common causes of motorcycle accidents, how you prove fault in a motorcycle crash, and how a motorcycle accident lawyer can help you pursue compensation following a collision. 

Bicycle Accidents

Some motor vehicle collisions involve bicyclists that motorists strike when they are not paying attention or following applicable traffic rules. Learn more about compensation that may be available in a bicycle accident case, how long you have to file a bicycle accident claim, who will be responsible for paying your medical bills, tips for protecting your rights after a bicycle accident, and how a bicycle accident lawyer can help.

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