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Pedestrian Accidents

Many of us assume that we are safe when walking on the sidewalk, crossing intersections and driveways or across parking lots. All motorists have a duty to drive responsibly and watch for pedestrians. Unfortunately, not every driver is cautious when pedestrians are present.

When motorists drive carelessly or recklessly through areas around pedestrians, the safety of those pedestrians is jeopardized. A driver who strikes a pedestrian may be held liable for the injuries and damages that the accident caused.

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Compensation for Pedestrian Accident Injuries

If you were a pedestrian injured in a collision with a motor vehicle, you may be entitled to compensation for the injuries and damages you suffered. You may be able to recover for these expenses:

  • Costs of medical treatment
  • Long-term care costs if you are disabled by your injuries
  • Lost wages or lost earning capacity if you miss work or are unable to return to employment
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of quality of life because of disabilities, disfigurement or the inability to participate in activities you once enjoyed

How Can a Pedestrian Accident Attorney Help You?

After you have been injured in a pedestrian accident, an attorney can help you pursue compensation for your injuries and damages. The lawyer you hire can:

  • Investigate your accident and secure evidence needed for your claim
  • Identify insurance coverage available to compensate you, including the coverage of the at-fault driver as well as any coverage available under your own insurance policies
  • Work with expert witnesses to develop a strong, persuasive legal argument
  • Negotiate with the insurance companies to arrive at a settlement that fairly and fully compensates you for your damages
  • Prepare your case for trial, if necessary, and advocate before a judge and jury on your behalf

How Long Do You Have to File a Pedestrian Accident Lawsuit?

If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident in Colorado Springs, Colorado’s statute of limitations gives you three years from the date of your accident to file a lawsuit. That lawsuit would allow you to recover compensation for injuries suffered in the accident.

If you do not file your lawsuit within the limitations period, your lawsuit can be permanently dismissed by the court. When that happens, you lose your right to seek compensation from the motorist who hit you.

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What to Do If You Have Been Hit by a Car

If you have been hit by a car in Colorado Springs while in the right of way, you should take the following steps to safeguard your legal rights and interests. Doing so will help you build a strong legal case for compensation in your pedestrian accident case:

  1. Call 911 if you have been injured or are in distress.
  2. Contact the police directly if there is no need for 911 so that an officer comes to the scene and prepares an accident report.
  3. Get the contact and insurance information of the driver who hit you.
  4. Take photos or videos of the accident scene. Also photograph any visible injuries you have suffered.
  5. Visit your doctor as soon as possible after your accident to identify and diagnose the injuries you suffered in the accident.
  6. Speak with an experienced pedestrian accident attorney about your legal rights and options for pursuing compensation. Start the process of working on your pedestrian accident claim.

Common Pedestrian Accident Injuries

Since pedestrians are unprotected in collisions with motor vehicles, they tend to suffer severe injuries in an accident:

  • Road rash, which can require skin grafts or plastic surgery to repair
  • Severe lacerations, which can lead to profuse bleeding and dangerous blood loss
  • Broken bones
  • Organ damage and internal bleeding
  • Sprained or torn tendons, ligaments or muscles
  • Neck and back injuries, including disc herniation and rupture
  • Amputations
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Head injuries, including eye trauma
  • Traumatic brain injuries

Pedestrian Accident FAQs

The following are answers to questions that clients frequently have about pedestrian accident claims.

Pedestrian Accident

What should I say or not say to the insurance company?

Ideally, you should let an experienced pedestrian accident attorney speak to the insurance company on your behalf. The insurance company will attempt to use any statements you provide them as evidence against you.

The company’s goal is to reduce the amount of compensation they pay to you. The company may try to deny your claim outright. If you do have to speak with the insurance company, you should limit that conversation to the facts of the accident as you remember them. Avoid assigning blame for the accident. Do not make any statement that could be construed as an apology.

Who is responsible for paying my medical bills after an accident?

If you were hit by another motorist in the accident, that motorist should be held responsible for compensating you for your medical expenses. Of course, pedestrian accident claims can take months or years to resolve. In the meantime, you may have other options for paying your medical bills. Those options include turning to your own health insurance policy. You may also be entitled to seek compensation under the Med Pay coverage in your own auto insurance policy.

How do pedestrian accident lawyers get paid?

Pedestrian accident lawyers usually handle injured victims’ cases on a contingency-fee basis. In a contingency-fee arrangement, the attorney does not get paid unless and until financial compensation has been secured for their client. The lawyer’s fee is calculated as a percentage of the total financial recovery. The fee is deducted from the recovery, with the balance turned over to the client.

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If you or a loved one have been injured in a pedestrian accident in Colorado Springs, you deserve to hold the negligent or reckless motorist accountable. Your accident case could provide you with compensation for your injuries and damages.

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